Bullied Teen’s Emotional YouTube Plea

A Westport 13-year-old calls for an end to bullying.

Alye Pollack 722

Without saying a word, Alye Pollack tells an emotional story of bullying and makes a plea to stop it.

“I am bullied. Not a day has gone by without one of these words," the 13-year-old Bedford Middle School 8th grader says by holding up handheld signs in video she posted on YouTube. The words are: fat, a freak and weird. And they get worse.

Alye's almost 2-minute video is called “Words are worse than Sticks and Stones.”

“I don’t cut. But I’m close,” she writes in words as haunting as the music.

In the end, she makes a simple plea:

“Help! Think before you say things. It might save lives. Don’t be a killer.”

In the two weeks since she posted the video, almost 400 people have commented in support of her.

Warning: some graphic language is used in this video.

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