Mother's Day

Businesses and Restaurants See Big Demand for Mother's Day

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Today is a very special day for many moms across the state. It's a Mother's Day that looks a lot different than what we experienced last year in the early months of the pandemic.

With COVID-19 cases declining and the number of vaccinated people in the state increasing, some people are able to celebrate a bit more freely this year.

Since there a lot less restrictions in place right now compared to Mother's Day last year, local businesses are seeing the impact.

Restaurant owners said it is a complete 180. Last year, they were only open for take out and said they were kind of waiting around for the phone to ring. This year, it's the complete opposite.

Flower shops across Connecticut spent Saturday preparing for the Mother's Day rush.

“We hear the enthusiasm in people’s voices- can’t wait to go in. Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend," said Blue Plate Kitchen Co-Owner Miguel Proano.

“The phone has been ringing off the hook. We are excited to accommodate as many people as possible. It’s crazy though,” added Blue Plate Kitchen Co-Owner Carlina Fontaine.

Another industry seeing crazy demand this Mother's Day is flower shops. Tulips are one of the most popular orders that florists are seeing. They said they've been working all hours to make sure everyone's arrangements look just right and make it out on time.

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