Carjacking Clears Field, Ties Up Traffic

Police arrest 3 in Greenwich after crime in Bridgeport

Getty Images

Friday evening means football for some people in Greenwich and traffic troubles for more, but just after 5 p.m. a carjacking tied it all together.

Police arrested three people after the driver of a car they allegedly carjacked in Bridgeport decided he didn't want to go on to New York City.  Before he got to the last exit in Connecticut on I-95, the driver tried to stop, say police.  A pistol went off inside the car but no one was hit.  Instead, two men got out of the car on the interstate and ran into Greenwich.

A few hundred yards away from I-95 at Western Middle School, local youth football league players were practicing.  Police blew the whistle.

One youngster said, "They said everybody off the field, there's a guy with a gun!"

Players and coaches complied and ran into the school while police made the arrests.  The driver was injured when he crashed the car.  Also, there was a third suspect, a woman in the back of the car, who was also arrested.

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