Change in ‘Silent Night' Lyrics Draws Ire in Stratford

A Stratford elementary school music teacher's decision to have students try singing different lyrics to "Silent Night" was met with disapproval after a parent called in to complain on a morning radio show.

The lyrics of "holy night" in the popular Christmas carol were substituted with "solstice night."

"First of all, solstice night sounds like its witchcraft, winter solstice, but it's absolutely ridiculous," Bob Tamas of Stratford said. "Absolutely ridiculous. This is the Christmas season, let's sing Christmas carols."

One parent was so upset she called WPLR's "Chaz and AJ in the Morning" to complain on Friday, prompting the show hosts to create a Facebook page "Abolish Super Sensitivity."

According to Superintendent of Stratford Public Schools Janet Robinson, the version with the "solstice night" lyrics had not been performed and the songs for a concert at the end of January have not yet been selected.

"The music teacher at Chapel Street Elementary School pulled the lyrics offline and tried out the song with fifth and sixth graders in class," Robinson wrote to NBC Connecticut in an email.

"We had no complaints and the principal knew nothing about it, until a parent called a morning radio show and complained on air. She never brought her concern to the principal or anyone else at the school," she continued, adding that the DJs didn't check their information with the district.

Some Stratford residents say the lyrics change is a sign of a society that has become too politically correct.

"I think it's crazy, it should be holy night," Patricia Duphiney said. "Christmas right now is all about gifts and stuff, that's not the meaning of Christmas, but holy night is holy night."

"I think they should sing the song the way it was meant to be sung, period," Tamas said.

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