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Clean-up Continues in Woodstock, Majority of Town Still in the Dark

Many people in Woodstock are facing the reality that power may not be restored until after the weekend.

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The majority of Eversource customers in the Town of Woodstock were still without power Friday afternoon, three days after Tropical Storm Isaias.

"Frustrated," explained Caroline Vandedrinck, who still has a tree with power lines blocking the road in front of her home.

“I expected every 24 hours or at least every 48 hours an update of people are coming or doing something, but nothing," she said.

Eversource officials are now estimating that power will be restored to a vast majority of customers by Tuesday, a week after Tropical Storm Isaias.

David Elliott, emergency management director for the town, said that the storm left 23 to 25 roads impassable, either due to trees or downed wires. He said that public works crews worked to reopen roads without wires while waiting for Eversource. As of Friday afternoon, 11 roads in town were still impassable because of downed wires.

Elliott said that the town has had trouble communicating with Eversource in the days since the storm. He said that an Eversource crew finally joined town crews clearing roads on Friday. According to Elliott, Eversource is expecting to have power restored to Woodstock sometime between Sunday and Tuesday.

Any residents who need access to clean water or assistance charging devices are able to go to the Bungay Fire Brigade at 1256 Route 171. The volunteer fire department is offering free access to a hose and a power strip.

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