Connecticut Commuters React to Washington State Train Crash

Commuters at New Haven’s Union Station were among train riders all over the nation reacting to the derailment of an Amtrak train in Washington state Monday morning.

While many told NBC Connecticut news of the fatal derailment shocked and frightened them, none said it was enough to stop them from riding trains.

"It made me think what would happen now if that happened? And how would I react?" said Mary-Jo Amatruda, who often rides the train between New York and Branford.

"I’m so sorry for their families. It’s so sad," said commuter Amal Alshehri of Bridgeport.

"It’s so unfortunate for those who lost their lives. Tragic for those who lost their lives, but we just live in a world full of risk," said Aaron Johnson, visiting Connecticut from Boaz, Alabama.

In 2016, there were 863 different derailment incidents on American rails and 62 collisions, according to the Federal Railroad Administration. The frequency of these kinds of accidents is something some commuters say has left them questioning the training of personnel who operate the nation’s trains.

"You’re carrying a lot of people every day and we put our lives in their hands. So they need to train these people," said commuter Michelle Ivory from Mount Vernon, New York.

As of Monday evening, federal and local officials say the cause of the Washington incident is still under investigation.

Most commuters in New Haven said since they’ll still have to take the train despite this latest tragedy they’ll continue to hope for the best.

"I leave it up to god. It’ll be alright. Stay focused, I’m not going to let it stop me from riding the train," said Ivory.

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