Connecticut Experiencing Warmer Than Usual Temperatures in December

The record for the warmest December in Hartford was back in 1923 with the average of about 39 degrees for the month. Trends for the month show that record could be broken this month.

This time of year, you’re probably expecting to wear your big winter jackets, but it wasn't hard to find people in t-shirts, even shorts.

NBC Connecticut meteorologists said the so-called winter weather is more typical of what you’d see in October and about 12 degrees above average.

“I’m enjoying it while I can!” said Laurie Julian, who took advantage of the weather at Bushnell Park’s ice skating rink.

“I love it I take advantage of it every year. It strengthens your legs for the year, it’s just nice being out in the fresh air,” said Julian.

She like many others are trying to be outside as much as possible before it gets too cold.

Last December 15 the low in Hartford was 29 degrees, with a high of 47. Today’s low was 55 degrees and a high of 65 degrees.

“I don’t remember that it was this warm before actually,” said Signe Damdar of Newington. She and her family spent their day outside, but the warm weather was the reason why she chose not to ice skate.

“It was so slippery and it was so wet my husband tried it and my son tried it, but I didn’t even try because it was so warm so maybe when it gets colder.”

Temperatures in most of Connecticut were warmer on daybreak today than it was on July 4 this year.

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