Connecticut State Universities Prep Dorm Buildings for COVID-19 Patients

southern connecticut state university scsu

The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities are working with the state to create emergency shelters to house coronavirus patients.

A CSCU spokesperson confirmed Monday that they have working with the state Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security and other partners to find ways to help combat the pandemic.

Though specific details were not immediately provided, officials say they plan to make some residential buildings available to house patients as needed.

Western Connecticut State University confirmed they were preparing Fairfield Hall, a 108-bed building on the Midtown campus in Danbury, to act as a shelter.

Central Connecticut State University is preparing its Sheridan Hall for the same purpose, and expect to prepare a second dorm building as well.

"As a publicly funded institution, we must respond to the needs of our state as it undergoes a major health crisis. Though this might pose an inconvenience to you, we ask for your patience and cooperation as we move forward to clear out the needed residence halls," a letter to students read.

In a tweet over the weekend, the Southern Connecticut State University Office of Residence Life urged any students who still have belongings in residence halls to come get them, saying that the school has received a formal request to serve as a shelter.

Leaders have been looking at ways to safely isolate those who test positive for COVID-19 who may not have a place to stay to recover, such as the homeless. There has also been concern that Connecticut may need more hospital beds to care for the sick as the coronavirus outbreak continues.

Gov. Ned Lamont's office said Monday that they are looking at ways to create "surge capacity" at hospitals, nursing homes and other non-medical facilities that can be outfitted, including those dorm rooms.

So far, at least 415 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Connecticut. Ten patients have died. There have been 4,500 tests done statewide.

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