Covenant Preparatory First Graduating Class Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

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It's a celebration 10 years in the making for the 2011 graduates of Covenant Preparatory School in Hartford.

Teachers, school staff and former students reunited to honor each student's accomplishments and to reconnect after years of not seeing one another on Saturday.

For 13 years, the institution has educated young men and tried to install the importance of hard work and giving back to their community.

"I'm just grateful that this happened and 10 years later, we're still reconnecting," said Brandon Piris, a graduate of 2011. "It's just great to see all of our moms and parents as well."

A decade later and the first class of Covenant Preparatory is all grown up and the opportunity to reunite was indescribable for Christopher Brown.

"Coming back here, it brought a certain essence," said Brown. "It's like everything is the same but it changed, I don't know, it's hard to explain."

Those indescribable emotions of seeing old friends and students are rewarding for parents.

Peggy Salgado is Brandon's mother and tells NBC Connecticut the ceremony along with the school represent her son's growth and the village who helped him become a man.

"He's great, he's kind, considerate, and the people that taught him was Covenant Prep and it took a school, teachers, staff, mothers and other PTA members," said Salgado.

One of the most instrumental people in the young men's lives is Patrick Moore, who founded the all-boys school and had a goal of giving young men the opportunity to get a quality education.

"This was our mission from the very beginning, to get our students into these excellent private schools on scholarship and get into college," said Moore. "It's great to see them giving back to the school and giving back to the city of Hartford."

Community service along with mentorship is what a lot of these former students are looking forward to in the future after being reunited.

"Being here today reminded me of the change they made in my life and growing into the person I am today," said Brown. "I have to give back and it makes me what to do it more after being here."

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