Crowds Head to Market for Last-Minute Thanksgiving Shopping

On Wednesday, people were racing against the clock with carts in hand at the Westside Marketplace in Rocky Hill, picking up some last-minute groceries for their Thanksgiving feasts. 

The store’s manager said that the previous week was the busiest time for shoppers purchasing non-perishable items. On Wednesday, the store was packed with people picking up fresh groceries, like produce and of course, turkeys. 

“It’s a little crazy. Everybody’s trying to get their last-minute things,” Ibaleze Garcia, of Windsor, said. 

Garcia and her aunt, Lisa Branciforte, had a last-minute shopping list to check off, and at the top was the turkey. They picked up some of the fixins’ last week but wanted to wait until Wednesday to get the guest of honor. 

Check out was a breeze for the early birds. 

“We came early enough where it’s not getting way too crazy,” said Garcia. 

Peg Bray said she’d never grocery shopped on the day before Thanksgiving. 

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever done it before. It’s not bad,” she said. That’s why I came so early. To get it out of the way and get back home.” 

She said she purposely waited until Wednesday to finish her shopping. 

“Cold cuts and vegetables. All the stuff last minute. I want to get it fresh,” she explained. 

Meanwhile, Nancy McMahon started from scratch, loading up her cart with everything she’ll need to host Thanksgiving on Thursday. 

“Yep, I have waited ‘til the last minute,” said McMahon. “Traveling for business and finally had the time to come shopping.” 

She wandered up and down the aisles, making sure it is the one and only trip she had to take to the store. 

The Westside Marketplace’s manager said December gets even busier. Their meat department expects to serve nearly 1,000 customers by the Monday before Christmas.

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