CT Native's Chart Helping Locals Find Vaccine Appointments

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As more people will soon be able to get vaccinated, there’s a Connecticut native who’s put something together to make the process easier.

And locals are taking advantage of it.  

Jessica Peck lives in Arizona, but, like many others, coronavirus has her concerned for her loved ones like her parents who live in her hometown of Simsbury.

“My dad is really high risk, he’s had three separate heart surgeries,” said Peck.

So despite the distance, she did the research to understand the many ways to sign up for a shot in Connecticut to help her dad.

“He became eligible when the governor opened up to ages 55 and older, so I logged on at what was midnight Connecticut time, which was 10 p.m. out here in Arizona. I got all the websites up, I started logging in to each one, and I did get him an appointment two days later.”

The teacher collected all that she’s learned with the help of members of the “New York & Connecticut Vaccine Hunters and Angels" Facebook page and she created a sharable chart.

It’s color coded by provider types with useful webpages and phone numbers.

Jessica Peck created this chart to help people find COVID-19 vaccinations in Connecticut.

“Every time I check it, it has over 20 viewers on it at that moment. I know it’s been viewed hundreds of times,” she said.

The second page of her chart has some tips and tricks for folks who aren’t eligible yet, but who are looking for extra doses that could spoiled.

People helping people, even hundreds of miles away, one positive we’ve seen during this pandemic.

“I appreciate people are getting their vaccinations, that’s what I want to see. I want this pandemic to be over," she said.

She also hopes with more people vaccinated, she can get back to Connecticut for a visit soon.

"That’s my plan for the summer,” said Peck.

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