Dodd Gets Extension to Tell Us About His Dough

Remember when you had a wild night and just couldn't finish that 20-page econ paper and you sheepishly went to the professor and asked for an extension?

Sen. Christopher Dodd has gotten some extra time to reveal details of any personal financial connections he and his wife have to the medical industry, which he is playing a leading role in overhauling.

Dodd is filling in for ailing Sen. Edward Kennedy, chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which will soon start work on a health care bill.

But instead of having to vamp for 19 additional pages and fudge your margins, the Dodd family has quite a bit to write.

His previous financial disclosure report showed his wife, Jackie Clegg Dodd, sat on the boards of three health-care companies.

Clegg Dodd serves on the boards of Javelin Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cardiome Pharma Corp., and Brookdale Senior Living, their Securities and Exchange Commission filings and Web sites show.

Most senators' financial disclosures covering 2008 were filed in May as required and are being released Friday.

She faced some negative publicity because some wondered aloud if she was making more than she would otherwise because of her connection to Dodd.

Other publicly available documents show Clegg Dodd last year was one of the most highly compensated non-employee members of the Javelin Pharmaceuticals Inc. She earned $32,000 in fees and $109,587 in stock option awards last year, according to the company's SEC filings.

She earned $79,063 in fees from Cardiome in its last fiscal year, while Brookdale Senior Living gave her $122,231 in stock awards in 2008, their SEC filings show.

Dodd sought and received a 90-day extension, giving him until mid-August to submit his report.

Now go have a killer weekend, Senator!

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