Divers Dispatched for Wet Greenwich Dog

It went from a nearly tragic scene to a misunderstanding in a matter of minutes.

Fire, police and medics were alerted to a possible drowning in Greenwich on Thursday morning to find nothing more than a wandering dog, the Greenwich Time reports.

Around 11:30 a.m., dispatchers sent officers to report of a 12-year-old submerged in water in a pool at 7 Laurel Lane -- a sprawling 7,000 square foot Colonial in town.

Police raced there as dispatchers said they were having a hard time understanding a woman on the phone who only spoke Spanish. The fire department was dispatched. They were told to bring cold water rescue suits.

"You might need them," one dispatcher said.

But when the first officer arrived, he saw no one on the property. He only noticed a pond n the backyard, the paper reports.

Seconds later, dispatchers got a call from the woman again, who said her dog was in the water, not a boy. The homeowner was apparently calling the report in from Florida.

How the homeowner received the information about her dog is not clear.

Firefighters found the dog, which had gotten out of the pond on its own. Medics kept the dog warm the dog until Animal Control responded to get the animal veterinary care.

All units then returned back to headquarters.

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