Dog Found Shot in Derby Finds Forever Home With Family of Officers

A happy update to a sad story...

Shelton Animal Shelter

A German Shepherd that was allegedly shot by his owners earlier this year is now living with a new, loving family and doing very well.

The dog, named Sheriff, was taken into the city of Derby's custody in May after being found at the Derby Picnic Grove on Nutmeg Avenue in April.

According to officials, owners 28-year-old Stranja Perrin and 27-year-old Anthony Singletary were the ones who shot Sheriff. Surveillance video confirmed their involvement with the shooting. Police said the dog was shot twice.

During their investigation, police determined that Perrin and Singletary were recently homeless and living out of their car with the German shepherd. They both, however, denied owning the dog.

Sheriff had his leg amputated after the alleged shooting and has now been adopted. The VCA staff changed the dog's name from Thunda to Sheriff after the incident.

Shelton Animal Shelter

"He has a new lease on life and many adventures to experience with his doggie brother Austin," the Shelton Animal Shelter said on Facebook.

The shelter said Sheriff can be clumsy at times as he gets adjusted to only having three legs, but he still runs, plays and swims.

The Loris family adopted Sheriff after hearing his story. Both Victoria and Dan Loris are police officers.

The shelter said Dan's beloved K9 dog Stryker passed away several years ago at the Shelton Police Department. Dan felt that he could honor Stryker by giving Sheriff a loving home.

Sheriff not only has a dog sibling now, but human siblings, too.

"This story touched so many hearts and we cannot thank everyone for the kindness and donations to help Sheriff get the proper care. We at the shelter look at this and say his life starts now and there is no looking back," the shelter said.

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