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DOT to Begin Changing Exit Numbers on Route 9, Other CT Roadways Today

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The Connecticut Department of Transportation will begin a construction project today that will not only replace all of the exit signs along Routes 9, 17, and 82, but will also change the exit numbers along those roads.

Beginning today, crews will start the process of replacing signs and sign supports along Route 9 from I-95 in Old Saybrook to I-84 in Farmington; along Route 17 from the South Main Street intersection to Route 9 in Middletown; and on Route 82 from Route 9 to the Route 154 intersection in Chester and Haddam, according to the DOT.

Signs that have lost their reflectivity, have evidence of damage, or are no longer in compliance with federal and state standards will be replaced. Those include large overhead and side-mounted guide signs, and smaller signs such as mile markers, exit gore signs, speed limit signs, merge signs, and route confirmation signs.

To meet new federal standards, the exit numbers will be revised from the current sequential numbering to a mileage-based numbering system. A sign with the old exit number will be posted alongside the new exit number signs for at least two years to give drivers time to become familiar with the new numbers, according to the DOT.

Drivers can expect delays Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. and they may also experience delays on the weekend.

New Route 9 Exits

Exit 1A: I-95 North

Exit 1B: I-95 South

Exit 1: Essex Road and CT-154 from 9 North (Change from exit 2)

Exit 1C: Essex Road and CT-154 From 9 South: Exit 1C (Change from exit 2)

Exit 4: CT-154 (Change from exit 3)

Exit 5: CT-154 (Change from exit 4)

Exit 7: CT-80: Exit 7 (Change from exit 5)

Exit 9: CT-148 (Change from exit 6)

Exit 11: CT-82 (Change from exit 7)

Exit 14: Beaver Meadow Road: (Change from exit 8)

Exit 16: CT-81 (Change from exit 9)

Exit 19: CT-154 (Change from exit 10)

Exit 21: CT-155 (Change from exit 11)

Exit 22: Bow Lane and Silver Street (Change from exit 12)

Exit 23: CT-17 (Change from exit 13)

Exit 24A: DeKoven Drive on Route 9 South (Change from exit 14)

Exit 24B: Washington Street (Change from exit 15)

Exit 24C: CT-17 & CT-66 (Change from exit 1)

Exit 25: CT-99 from Route 9 North (Change from exit 18)

Exit 27: CT-372 (Change from exit 19)

Exit 29A: I-91 North (Change from exit 20N)

Exit 29B: I-91 South (Change from exit 20S)

Exit 31: CT-372 & US-5 & CT-15 (Change from exit 21)

Exit 32: CT-372 and Worthington Ridge Road (Change from exit 22)

Exit 33: Christian Lane from Route 9 South (Change from exit 23)

Exit 34: To CT-71 & CT-372 from Route 9 South (Change from exit 24)

Exit 35: Ellis Street from 9 South (Change from exit 25)

Exit 35A: Ellis Street from 9 North (Change from exit 25)

Exit 35B: Columbus Boulevard from 9 North (Change from exit 26)

Exit 36A: Chestnut Street from 9 South (Change from exit 27)

Exit 36B: CT-72 from 9 South (Change from exit 28)

Exit 36: CT-72 from 9 North (Change from exit 28)

Exit 36C: East Main Street from 9 South (Change from exit 28A)

Exit 38: CT-175 & Ella Grasso Boulevard (Change from exit 29)

Exit 39: CT-71 (Change from exit 30)

Exit 40B: I-84 East (Change from exit 31)

Exit 40A: I-84 West (Change from exit 32)

New Route 17 Numbers

  • Exit 22: Main Street Extension, from 9 South
  • Exit 22A: Main Street Extension, from 9 North
  • Exit 22B: Route 9 South

The project is scheduled to be completed in March 2022.

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