East Haddam Assessing Damage, Making Repairs After Storms Swept Through

It could be a year before things get back to normal in East Haddam after the town saw several roads washed out during a torrential rain storm last week.

In total, about 17 miles of roads washed out in the storms, according to an estimate from First Selectman Emmett Lyman.

“It’s like solid water coming at you and the power of water is remarkable," Lyman said.

The estimated cost for all materials is about $2 million and that doesn’t include the cost of labor and construction, he said.

But the question is still where the money is going to come from to repair everything.

“We’re not a rich town,” Lyman said, adding the town is also reaching out to FEMA.

There are already temporary fixes in place to make the road passable, but there is still a lot of work to be done. It could take a full year of work, possibly more, Lyman said.

Plus he and several others are worried more rain could wash away work that’s already been done.

Possibly the hardest hit road was part of Neptune Avenue near the American Legion. Heavy rains last Tuesday completely washed it out.

Lisa Cassenti lives right next to where Neptune Avenue caved in.

“It’s definitely a mess. My kids like walking up that way to get to the center of town and usually when we leave the house that’s the direction,” Cassenti said.

Car rides are a little longer, too, because of mandatory detours.

Liz Lewis’ kids have a narrower bike path now after a small part of Robbie Road also washed out.

“We kind of tell them to stay on this end a little bit or in the front of the house,” Lewis said

Along with infrastructure damage, there was flood damage.

Dan McMahon, director of marketing for Goodspeed Musicals, said there was about 30 inches of rain in the rehearsal studio.

“We lost everything. Two brand new pianos, a refrigerator, all our sound equipment,” McMahon said.

The also filled multiple dumpsters with losses out of the costume shop and library.

While shows are still a “go,” they’re still drying out some spaces and afraid insurance might run dry and not cover all the damage.

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