Embrace ‘Awesomeness': Canton Lacrosse Coach Shares Philosophy

Canton girls lacrosse fell just short of the Class S finals this year, losing to East Catholic in the semifinals. But for the coaching duo leading the charge, it was still a season to remember.

Canton girls lacrosse coach Sean Cole has his own style of coaching.

“I think I’m pretty transparent and candid with the girls,” Cole said. “I try to be as honest and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes it’s really ugly.”

That’s only because Cole has one goal in mind.

“I try to find whatever niche to get the level of awesomeness out of all of those players, right,” Cole said.

As he says, it’s all about the “awesomeness.”

“You know, my kids always give me a hard time that I have far more energy than they have collectively,” said Cole.

More energy that everyone, except maybe his own kid, Lindsay Cole, coaching in her first season as an assistant alongside her dad.

"Lacrosse is a big part of our lives as a family and I am so happy to be a part of it,” said Lindsay Cole.

In fact, it was Lindsay who got her dad into coaching girls lacrosse in the first place and now it’s both Coles that have that one goal in mind.

"Really getting them to embrace their awesomeness," Lindsay said. “Like he always says on the sidelines and it’s really a pleasure.”

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