Litchfield County, Eversource Brace for Powerful Nor'Easter

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Preparations are underway for what could be a major storm. Already people in some parts of the state are being warned to be ready for power outages and what could be a long-term event.

“This is usually the time of the year when we’re getting ready for spring, so I was a little disappointed our winter was backwards this year," Leah Ward of Colebrook tells us.

Instead of springing forward, Leah Ward was among those gassing up and buying groceries with a nor’easter expected to soon hit the state.

“Making sure that everything is all set so that if we are in the house for a few days, we will be all set," continued Ward.

In Litchfield County, folks could watch as a foot or more of snow piles up.

Norfolk Emergency Management has alerted people to what could end up being the largest snowstorm so far of the season hitting the area starting tomorrow.

They’ve been told by the state Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security to prepare for heavy wet snow that could cause power outages and even roof collapses.

There, the foot or more of snow could be combined with wind gusts of over 40 miles per hour. All that combined could lead to long-term issues even after the storm winds down.

“Our road crew is preparing by resting Sunday. They know they’re going to be busy starting late Monday night right through Tuesday and into Wednesday. That’s priority one. The fire department we have our normal drill night tomorrow and we will be chaining the trucks as well as testing all the equipment which we do normally,” Norfolk Public Information Officer Jon Barbagallo tells us.

NBC Connecticut meteorologists are tracking the storm that will form Monday into Tuesday. Rain will begin across most of Connecticut and will quickly change to snow in the Northwest Hills.

Around Hartford and through most of the I-84 corridor, rain will change to snow prior to daybreak on Tuesday.

Along the shoreline, the rain may never completely change to snow.

There will be a variation of snow totals across the state with elevation playing a role. Communities along the shoreline could see 1 to 3 inches while some people in northwest Connecticut could see as much as 18 inches.

Temperatures will be close to freezing so any snow is expected to be heavy and wet. Power outages are possible.

According to Eversource, the company is prepositioning equipment and line and tree crews at work centers around the state to respond to damage and outages that may be caused by the storm.

Additional out-of-state crews are also being brought in to help with restoring power to customers, if needed.

Eversource is also getting ready for the powerful nor’easter. The electric utility says it’s been monitoring the storm forecast since last week.

It is preparing for the potential of more than 125,000 customers to lose power as snow and wind could possibly bring down trees and branches onto electric lines.

“We have brought in hundreds of additional tree and line crews from as far away as Missouri and Texas to assist with restoring power to customers as needed. Crews will be pre positioned at our work centers around the state before the storm hits to ensure that we are ready to respond as quickly and safely as possible to whatever the storm brings," Eversource spokesperson Jamie Ratliff says.

Eversource is urging its customers to also get ready. Now is the time to think about building an emergency kit and before the storm hits charge up any devices.

They are also urging customers to stay clear of downed wires and report them immediately to 911. Outages can be reported online at Eversource's website or by calling 800-286-2000.

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