Extra Police Patrols at Norwalk High School After Investigation Into Social Media Post

Additional police officers will be patrolling in and around Norwalk High School Thursday as a precaution after an investigation into a social media post. 

A Facebook message from Norwalk Public Schools says a photo showed a person holding what appears to be a gun, and police said the photo originated from outside the United States.

The Special Victims Unit investigated, identified the person who posted the message, interviewed the person and searched the house, according to Norwalk police, and investigators have determined that this was not a credible threat. 

Out of an abundance of caution, additional officers will be patrolling in and around the school today to ensure students, parents and staff feel safe, police said. 

A message from Norwalk High School Principal Reginald Roberts, which was posted to the Norwalk Public Schools’ Facebook page, says the Norwalk Police Department made school officials aware yesterday of a post/picture post that was sent to them showing a person holding what appears to be a gun and the person in the picture is neither a Norwalk High School student nor a Norwalk Public Schools student. 

The message the school department posted goes on to say that it was inappropriate to post and they are addressing it accordingly. including having conversations with students about acceptable and responsible online behavior. 

“I appreciate the parents who brought this matter to the attention of the Norwalk Police Department and for alerting us at school so that we can continue to keep our community safe,” the message from Roberts says. 

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