Yes, It's February – and Warm!

Woah Nellie! It’s hot out there!

Maybe global warming isn’t so bad after all. Despite the groundhog's prediction that winter is going to last forever, it's spring out there.  

Highs are expected to reach 60 degrees Wednesday afternoon all over Connecticut. Make sure to get your outdoor fun out of the way soon, because the forecast calls for scattered showers later Wednesday.

Hitting the links, a walk in the park or barbecuing some juicy burgers are popular warm-weather activities in case you have forgotten what you used to do when it was above freezing.

Unfortunately, the warm temps go downhill from here: 

Thursday, the high is 48 degrees, Friday the high is 37 degrees, and by later next week we should be expecting blizzard–like conditions. Blah!

Keep up to date on what's happening weather-wise from our meteorologists.  

For all of us who have really forgotten what to do when it's nice outside, tell us how you spend your warm afternoon. The only rule? Keep it clean.

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