Final Piece of Dunkin Donuts Ballpark in Hartford Placed

The final piece of the concourse at Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford was placed on Friday at the stadium.

Construction crews with Whiting-Turner were seen using a crane to place the bridge, which connects left field to center field. It was a gaping hole left behind when the city fired the old developer.

Mayor Luke Bronin said Arch Insurance has committed to the deadline of finishing work on the stadium on time for it’s opening on April 13, about a year behind schedule.

Bronin said the city, Arch Insurance and Whiting-Turner Construction all have the same mission: to complete construction of the ballpark.

“We’re working well with both of those partners, you know we’ve got a good, strong partnership with both Whiting-Turner and with Arch and we’re doing everything we can to make sure progress continues well," said Bronin.

Bronin said that at this time, the city will not have to put more money into the stadium project, but that can always change. 

“When Arch Insurance took responsibility for this project, took responsibility for funding it, they are doing it with their own dollars. There is always the possibility of litigation beyond completion of this thing. There’s always a possibility that there’ll be litigation that goes on for a long time,” said Bronin.

Bronin said his hope has always been to minimize taxpayer spending, especially on the stadium project.

NBC Connecticut reached out to Whiting-Turner Construction, Arch Insurance and the Hartford Yardgoats for comment. 

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