First Accumulating Snowfall of Fall 2016

The first accumulating snow of the fall of 2016 is here some Connecticut residents have been glad to welcome an early taste of winter.

"I'm ready! It's a little early, but I'm ready," said Janine Tesbir, of Southbury, who got her snowboots and a hat out this morning. "I feel like we got a pass last year for winter, so I have a feeling it might be a bit of more snow this year."

Last week, temperatures across the state were in the 80s, but the summery weather is gone and snow is here.  See Ryan's take on the first accumulating snow of the season. 

John Bucci, of New Fairfield, said he and his car are ready for winter.

"It's a long time coming from last year," he said. "My truck is all ready to go with heavy tires and whatever."

Goshen is also getting a light coating of snow. 

"It feels good to me," Gail Olsen, of Goshen, said. "It feels clean, fresh. Look, it's beautiful! it looks better than those dreary old brown trees. I'm good with it."

Temperatures will eventually rise above freezing, leading to mostly rain for the whole state by late afternoon.

Get the full forecast here.

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