Flock You! Flamingos Take Over Middlebury

There's an invasion of pink flamingos in Middlebury. The plastic birds are turning up on front lawns all over town. 

It might seem like a mystery to some, but it's actually a fundraiser being conducted by the the Middlebury Congregational Church youth group, the Waterbury Republican-American reports.

Parishioners or other residents can pay to have their friends "flocked." People wake up and find the flamingos planted throughout their yard. 

"It's good, clean, Christian mischief," the church's director of Christian education Lisa Crick told the Republican-American. 

Homeowners can purchase "flocking insurance" for $30, which will keep their lawns flamingo-free. They can also send the pink birds to another lawn by paying $10 per dozen, the paper reports.

So far the group has raised $800.

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