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From Plastic Bottles to Sports Bras, QU Student Launches Recycled Clothing Line

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Mckenna Haz is an athlete who loves the ocean as much as she loves sports.

“The ocean and the preservation of the ocean is extremely important to me,” said Haz.  

She had an idea last spring break for a clothing line that wasn’t just eco-friendly but also offer a solution to pollution.

“So we’re basically taking recycled plastic bottles and we’re spinning it into our line,” said Haz.

Each one of her designs is made from almost 80 percent recycled plastic.

“Our sports bra tops have 10 recycled plastic bottles in them, our flow tank tops have six and then my leggings have 18 in this particular design.”

The clothes are made in Indonesia and shipped here to Hamden, where McKenna and a small team package them up, write out a note detailing the plastic bottles inside, and ships them in compostable bags.

“Basically you can take the packaging, dig a hole in the ground and it decomposes,” said Sarah Walsh.

SEAAV orders set up for shipment. Photo courtesy McKenna Haz.

Sara Walsh hosts the shipping headquarters in her apartment. She’s been there since SEAAV was just an idea.  

“Seeing it become this product that’s so high quality has been great,” said Walsh.

Right now you can find SEAAV in New Haven’s Wooster Square at Bar Beauty. Owner Andrea Zola is also an entrepreneur and felt the clothing would fit right in the shop that caters to brides.

“I think it’s important to push the girls to do what they love, and they love doing this so I think it’s great,” said Zola.

Haz's dream is to partner with a large national retailer, and it could happen soon. Her young business is already on the fast track.

“We just made it into the draper business competition, and we have a spot at the Boston Marathon expo in April,” Haz said.

She plans to have pop-up shops outside Bar Beauty in the spring, just in time to get active.

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