Frontier Unveils Plans to Bring Fiber to Hartford

Frontier Communications announced plans to build high speed fiber internet in Hartford’s North End. At full capacity, the new technology will be 100 times faster than average internet speeds, and will serve a section of the Capital City that still runs on dial-up.

The gigabyte speeds will cost about as much as many people pay for standard internet—between $130-150 a month.

It’s news Gordon Scott of Scott’s Jamaican Bakery has waited on for a long time. His current internet bandwidth doesn’t let him upload pictures to Facebook or send large files.

“Things that folks take for granted all the time,” said Scott. “I can do that better on my phone than on my computer at work and it shouldn’t be that way.”

Enter the CT Gig Project. Over the past year and a half, state officials have looked for ways to bring high speed Internet to homes and businesses without affecting taxpayers.

Frontier is the first company to step forward in opening their fiber lines for commercial and residential use. Senior Vice President and General Manager Paul Quick told us this is just the beginning, with hopes to expand fiber to other towns as well.

“We have spent 162 million dollars last year upgrading our network and our services in the state,” said Quick. “We will spend a common amount each year the next two years.”

When asked about how Frontier will handle that expansion after the challenges it faced during its faced during its shaky start 18 months ago, Quick told us his agents are working hard and will continue to do their best.

“I know we are solving problems here,” said Quick. “We are hitting all of our commitments. When a customer calls us and we tell them we’re gonna be there, we’re there.”

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