Gas Prices Below $4 at Some Connecticut Stations

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Connecticut has finally broken through the $4 mark when it comes to gas prices. Drivers can find some stations selling gas for $3.99 or lower.

And while most places are still above that, prices are coming down across the board.

“I’ve seen it go from $4.60 to $3.99. So that’s exciting,” said Alex Sauer of New London.

Drivers can find spots to fill up for just under $4 a gallon for regular in certain areas.

“I like it. I hope they come down more,” said Stacey Carpenter of Windham.

In Mansfield, we found gas selling for $3.89. Fill-ups were as low as $3.93 in Windham, and it was a penny under $4 in spots in Windsor and West Hartford.

“It seems daily they’ve been coming down but not fast enough,” said Tim Shabaz of Mansfield.

We all painfully remember when the statewide average hit almost $5.00 a gallon six weeks ago. That’s decreased to $4.47, according to AAA.

“The drop in gas prices has kind of almost everything to do with the drop in the price of oil,” said AAA spokesperson Amy Parmenter.

AAA also reports a dip in demand for gas in the U.S. is helping to lower prices. These trends are expected to continue.

“If there are no unforeseen geopolitical disruptions or more likely weather-related disruptions. We are in hurricane season. So there's always the possibility that a hurricane could come through and knock off a refinery,” Parmenter said.

Though there’s a long way to get back to normal.

AAA reports the state average now is $1.30 a gallon more than a year ago, though at least filling up is a little easier on the wallet than in previous weeks.

“Super tough, especially if you have to travel for work and my fiancé travels for work to Hartford and New Britain. It’s really expensive. So it’s nice to have cheaper prices here,” said Beth Gonzalez of Willimantic.

Right now, AAA reports Hartford County has one of the lowest price averages in the state. It also offers an online tool to calculate the cost of gas for a trip.

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