Gas Prices on the Rise: AAA

With the price per gallon climbing more than 25 cents in the last month, the average price of gas in Connecticut has quickly jumped to $2.24 a gallon—the eighth most expensive in the country.

“I was pretty happy with it being in the [one dollar range] for a while there, and the low two’s, but it’s starting to hike up a little bit,” said Mike Boughton as he filled up his tank at a Newington gas station.

According to AAA, the recent hike comes from a combination between refineries switching over to their summer blend, an increase in oil prices and a higher demand.

“Last year gas prices peaked on the first day of summer,” said spokesperson Amy Parmenter. “Actually we expect that peak to be a little later this year, because there’s so much demand, and we expect so many people to be traveling.”

AAA predicts more people will travel this summer in part because gas prices overall are still down, despite the recent surge. The average Connecticut driver pays 33 cents less today than this time last year.

“In fact the first quarter was the cheapest gas we’ve seen in more than a decade,” said Parmenter. “And we could have that again for the second quarter.”

Regardless, you can expect gas prices will continue to rise, but drivers still have a way to go before paying as much as you did in years past.

“I remember a while ago when it was closer to the [four dollar range],” said Boughton. “So anything in the [two dollar range] I’m happy about.”

Consumers looking for the cheapest gas in the state will want to stick to greater Hartford and New Haven. AAA says the Bridgeport area usually has the most expensive gas in the state.

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