Gavin DeGraw Surprises Farmington Elementary Students With Performance

It’s not every day you get a private performance from a Grammy-nominated platinum recording artist in your school gym. But that’s how students at an elementary school in Farmington got to spend their Wednesday after donating thousands of items for a good cause.

The students at Noah Wallace Elementary School in Farmington got the special visit from Gavin DeGraw after winning this year’s Bag It Up for Goodwill challenge by a landslide. They collected nearly 80,000 items for donation.

“This reminds me what life is all about,” said DeGraw after his performance in the gym. “This is the most beautiful possible day I could’ve had.”

“I knew a couple of his songs before we started doing the contest, but now I definitely know a lot more,” said fourth grader Brooke Hacker. “I’m a huge fan.”

The proceeds from the 79,862 items they donated to Goodwill will go towards programs and career centers that help people with disabilities across the state.

“All the students like emptied out their closets and we got clothes toys old books, and everyone participated,” Hacker said. “We thought about how we could help the community, and that really like helped us get the items and know that we were doing it for a good cause.”

“It’s significant not just that they won, but that it’s the largest number we’ve ever seen,” said Jeremy Mooser from the Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut.

Noah Wallace School Principal, Carrie Huber, says proud is an understatement.

“They worked so hard,” she said, “Our student council set a goal they achieved it.”

And today’s celebration of their success turned out to be to be inspiring for more than just the students.

“I want to thank the school, you guys did such a great job, the children were amazing, and it was just – this was heaven,” DeGraw said.

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