Get Less Husky With Ex-Huskies All-Star

Diana Taurasi teams up with the 'Got Milk?' campaign to get children fit by June.

Former UConn Huskies player, Olympian and current WNBA all-star Diana Taurasi is entering the next phase of her career -- milk mustache model.   .

She, along with NBA all-star Chris Paul, are teaming up with bodybymilk to get kids in shape by this year's NBA Finals.

The program offers parents and their kids the opportunity to sign up and track themselves through a personalized program on an interactive Web site, which offers tips and hints to getting a healthy body and lifestyle.

Taurasi and Paul created their own ads and made several vignettes that will be posted each day. 

“I drink milk every day before I get out on the court. It makes me feel strong, focused and ready to give it my best shot,” she says on the Body By Milk Web site. 

The program runs until the NBA Finals in mid-June but the ultimate goal is that the better lifestyle lasts a lifetime.

People who participate online are also eligible for prizes and a chance to meet either one of the basketball stars.

The program guidelines include consuming three glasses of fat-free milk or low-fat milk, plus 60 minutes of exercise, along with a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Taurasi joins celebrities including Christie Brinkley, Brooke Shields, Myley Cyrus, along with some stars of NBC’s “Heroes” and others in posing with the lactose-laden ’stash.

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