Get Your Dialing Digits Ready!

Forget dialing just seven digits to reach someone down the street. Yes, this may make ordering a pizza slightly more of a challenge, depending on your state of mind.
To get ready for the time when 203's and 860's run out, the state is moving to 10-digit dialing next month, where you'll have to enter an area code for every local call.

The Department of Public Utility Control has suggested this change happen April 1. 

Now don't worry, you'll still be able to use either seven or ten digits to make a local call during this "permissive period".  But come December 1, you'll have to punch in all ten digits.  Plus the "1" if you're dialing long distance. 

When 203 numbers dry up in the year 2010, the southern part of the state will add 475 numbers.  And when the 860's run out in 2011, customers who would have gotten that area code will now get a 959 area code.

Your current phone number won't change as a result of this.  It's only for newly ordered lines.

The last major change happened when the 860 moved to Connecticut in 1995. 

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