“Gossip Girl” Drama Centers on Cornwall

One secret Gossip Girl will never tell is who she is, but she she’s willing to tell everything else and the dark drama made its way to Cornwall, Connecticut last night.

In case you’re not a fan -- this season’s drama is about Juliet – Katie Cassidy – who swoops into the Manhattan society world of spoiled college students with a mission to destroy main character Serena Van Der Woodsen. It’s apparently connected to some unknown past Serena apparently has with Juliet’s convict of a brother.

Part of Juliet’s mission of destruction includes drugging Serena, which prompts the It girl’s family to send her to rehab. Then Juliet disappears. So, Serena’s local friends go after her nemesis and the journey takes them to Cornwall, home of the fictional Knightley School.

Here, according to the Register Citizen, we learn that Serena’s prep school friend Damien knows Juliet and had conveniently just seen her.

He sold her the drugs that might have been used on Serena.

In true soap fashion, he’s a bit devastated that his sale could have sent Serena to the hospital.

And, we seem to move closer to the reason that Juliet’s brother is out to get Serena. What drama happened in Cornwall? We’ll all have to watch and see.

In case you missed it and want to see it, you’ll have to catch it online once it’s posted here.


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