Gov. Malloy on Vice President Nominee Pence: ‘Dangerous'

Gov. Dannel Malloy continued Monday, what’s been more than a year of disagreements with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the presumptive GOP Vice Presidential nominee.

Malloy, who sits on the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, said Pence is “dangerous” and the selection merely acts as a “double down on some of the things Trump says in a reckless fashion.”

Pence, the first term Governor of Indiana and former member of Congress, signed a “religious freedom” law in his state last year, that drew instant backlash from civil rights groups, the gay and lesbian community, and members of the business community, for fears that the law provided a blank check for discrimination on religious grounds.

Malloy used the moment to ban all official state travel to Indiana as a result of the legislation, and UConn Men’s Basketball Coach Kevin Ollie did not attend an event at the Final Four because of the travel ban.

Pence eventually signed changes to the law, but as far Malloy was concerned, the deed was done and provided a clear indication of Pence’s feelings on gay and lesbian people.

“It is in essence, legislation that would make discrimination on a state basis applicable against people for exercising their constitutional rights. It’s wrong,” said Malloy. “It’s out of step of who we are and what we are.”

Pence later jabbed Malloy in June of last year. Fresh off negative headlines due to increased business taxes, Connecticut was viewed by many as a poor place to do business. Seeing opportunity, Pence’s economic development agency for the State of Indiana took out a full page advertisement in the Hartford Courant urging businesses in Connecticut to move to Indiana where they would find a more friendly environment.

Malloy has a prominent role as the Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. He’s also a staunch Clinton ally who hasn’t been afraid to come to her defense. He even rattled Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during his presidential run. Sanders was painted by Malloy as weak on guns because he didn’t vote to restrict access to certain weapons as a member of Congress.

As for Pence, the final chapter between the two happened late last year when Syrian refugees were making their way from the civil war torn nation. Connecticut was welcoming to refugees and Indiana wasn’t.

It was then that a family was going to relocate to Indiana and when they didn’t feel welcome there, Malloy arranged for them to be located to Connecticut, which led to him being honored by the John F. Kennedy Library as its, “Profiles in Courage” recipient.

Malloy said he will be vocal when he feels needs to be in the coming campaign when he feels there needs to be a contrast between Trump and Clinton.

“Let me assure you that his addition to the ticket is not going to discourage my involvement in the coming months.”

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