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State Announces Census “Day of Action” on July 10

NBC Connecticut

The state of Connecticut and a number of businesses will be partnered for a 2020 Census "Day of Action" on July 10, Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz announced Wednesday.

On July 10 at 10 a.m., the state government and businesses across the state have signed on to give employees 10 minutes of their workday to complete the census.

So far this year, 65.3% of households in Connecticut have responded to the census, according to the Lieutenant Governor.

"We need the remaining 34.7% of households to complete the census," Bysiewicz said.

The national response rate for the census is 61.9%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2010, 69.5% of residents in Connecticut responded to the census.

"Connecticut is leading the New England region" in census completion, Bysiewicz said. The lieutenant governor said we have one of the best response rates in the country.

Governor Ned Lamont said there are a number of reasons why people may not fill out the census but it's up to the state to make it clear why it's important.

"You don't just ask people to fill out the census. It's like COVID testing, you have to go where they are," said Governor New Lamont.

The governor said the census is important to make sure Connecticut "gets its fair share" of federal funding.

Bysiewicz has been leading the census charge in Connecticut and said the COVID-19 pandemic highlights why an accurate count matters.

"We know COVID has affected census completion rates, but we are still pushing," Bysiewicz.

The census figures determine funding for 55 federal programs including Medicare, Medicaid, emergency preparedness and school lunch programs. Connecticut stands to receive $11 billion from the federal government.

The last day to respond to the census is October 31.

Information on the 2020 Census can be found here.

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