Grandma Ran Heroin Ring: Cops

Heroin found in her fanny pack, alongside her Big Y card, police said.

A grandmother was apparently a major source of heroin in a Bridgeport neighborhood.

Maria Hernandez, 47, was arrested Thursday and charged with possession of narcotics with intent to sell, according to police. Authorities called Hernadez's arrest a major blow to the heroin business in the city. She was managing street-level dealers, and keeping other competition out of her neighborhood, police said.

Officers located Hernandez inside an apartment on Arctic Street Thursday morning, and went inside to investigate. They found Hernandez's fanny pack, which contained, cash, her Big Y shopping card, and about $400 of heroin, police said.

The Bridgeport Police Narcotics and Vice unit began an investigation weeks ago after receiving information that Hernandez had been running a large-scale heroin operation from the apartment building, authorities said. Police sources told officers Hernandez would deliver heroin to residents of the apartment building, who in turn would go out on the street and sell it.

Hernandez was released on $50,000 bond.

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