Store Clerk Stops Grandparents From Falling Victim to Scam

A South Windsor, Connecticut, couple nearly fell victim to the ongoing "Grandparent Scam" on Wednesday, but this case had a new twist.

The elderly couple received a call from a man claiming to be a Springfield police officer. He told the victims that their grandson was in police custody and needed money to be bailed out.

According to South Windsor police, the caller instructed the pair to get money order cards in order to pay the bail.

The victims went to the CVS pharmacy at 525 Buckland Road to buy the money order cards, but a clerk at the store warned them about possible scams involving callers asking for money in the form of the cards.

The couple called police and determined that their grandson had not been arrested and was not in need of bail money.

South Windsor police urge people who receive calls like this to verify the information before turning over any money. Never buy money order cards or wire transfer money to complete the transactions, police said.

For more information, visit the FBI website here.

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