Trapped Woman Rescued From Sinking Car in Groton

An elderly woman was entrapped in her sinking car after she accidentally drove into a Groton river, police said. 

Groton Police were dispatched to Eastern Point Beach at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday. Upon arriving, police said the elderly woman crashed through a metal fence and was partially submerged in the water. 

A civilian, John Sidlinger, 34, was enjoying sushi with his girlfriend when the incident occured, accord to The Day. Sidlinger was already in the water trying to help the woman trapped in the sinking car.

Groton Police, the Groton Fire Department and the civilian were able to stabilize the car that kept drifting further into the surf. Lt. Erick Jenkins smashed out the car's windows and opened the door to allow the woman to float out of the vehicle before it completely submerged under water. 

The incident remains under investigation, police said. 

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