Hartford Girl's ‘Dolphin Tale' Wish Makes a Splash

A girl’s wish is coming true with the help of the Make-a-Wish foundation and the Hartford Police.

The 10-year-old Danializ Marquez enjoys movies and loves one in particular: "Dolphin Tale".

"I never knew how to swim so I learned how to swim by looking at her," said Marquez.

The movie is about a dolphin named Winter with scoliosis who lost her tail. By the end of the movie, Winter gets a replacement tail with help from her human companions. 

The story resonates for the 4th grader, who also has scoliosis and her own story of overcoming. 

The Make-a-Wish foundation arranged for Marquez to meet Winter in person. On Monday, with a Hartford Police escort, Marquez headed to Bradley Airport to catch her flight to Florida.

Marquez will finally meet her favorite movie character, along with other cast members from "Dolphin's Tale". 

Sirimarie Marquez, her sister, said that even though Marquez has had at least 22 surgeries, the movie teachers her "not to give up".

"Since she has scoliosis, she inspired me that I don't care that I have scoliosis too. Just do what I want to do," said Marquez.

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