Hartford Park Hosts Father and Family Bike Ride

"We wanted to do something just to engage fathers and families just to have a moment together" said Pastor AJ Johnson, senior pastor of Urban Hope Refuge Church.

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The energy was high as fathers and families came out to Keney Park in Hartford for a group bike ride to celebrate dads on their special weekend.

"We wanted to do something just to engage fathers and families, just to have a moment together" said Senior Pastor of Urban Hope Refuge Church AJ Johnson.

The Capitol City Father’s Day bike ride is organized in collaboration with Friends of Keney Park, Reverend AJ Johnson and the BiCi Co. Community.

The excursion for little ones was a mini ride while everyone else was in for a four to five mile ride through the park. "People are going to ride by and just see nature. You might even see a black bear or fox or something, but whatever it is, it’s something to keep the family engaged and excited," said Pastor Johnson.

Hartford resident Joshua Hall brought his two sons along for the ride and said getting out in nature has become an important part of bonding time. "On a Saturday out here like today, it means so much to be with them," said Hall.

"Actually Keney Park became our second home during Covid. We live a couple blocks away and during Covid, we would come here and walk trails and ride our bikes," he added.

Also taking part in the ride and bringing up the rear were horses from Ebony Horse Women Inc. and it was all about adding to the experience of riding through the great outdoors. "It’s a way to celebrate our fathers. It’s a way to celebrate our community. It’s a way for community to come together and what better way than through bikes," said Wildaliz Bermudez.

All groups would like to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day.

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