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Hartford Police Have ‘Person of Interest' in Student's Overdose Death Investigation

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Hartford police have identified an individual they call a person of interest as they continue to investigate the fentanyl overdose death of a 13-year-old student in Hartford.

The seventh-grader overdosed while at the Sport and Medical Sciences Academy on January 13. He died two days later.

Police found 40 bags of fentanyl in the school shortly after the teen overdosed.

During their initial investigation, police executed a search warrant at the teen's home and found about 100 bags more of fentanyl, according to police. The fentanyl in the home was packaged in the same manner as the bags located at the school and had the same identifying stamp, police said.

Hartford Police said the teen’s mother has been cooperative and there’s no evidence she knew her son had bags of fentanyl.

Investigators said they uncovered no evidence that anyone other than the student who overdosed brought the fentanyl to school.

Two other students were taken to the hospital after being exposed to the fentanyl but were later released.

Police also said they have identified a person who has a history at the home where the teen lived. Officers didn't publicly name the individual but did call him a person of interest in their case.

Police are continuing their investigation into how the 13-year-old student got the fentanyl. Investigators plan to test the bags of fentanyl for fingerprints and DNA to attempt to identify the person who gave the teen the drugs.

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