Hartford to Send Residents Text About Census Tonight

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The City of Hartford will send a text message to more than 50,000 residents on Monday evening to remind them to fill out the 2020 census.

The text will contain a short message about why the census is important and a link to fill out the census online at My2020Census.gov.

We have been working with our local Census Bureau partners and a wide range of community groups to increase our census response rate, and these text messages are another way to reach residents and give them a direct link to fill out the census,” said Mayor Luke Bronin.

The mayor said he wanted to make sure residents know the texts are coming from the city and it is safe to click on the link.

The messages will be in English and in Spanish.

In English, the text will read: “Hartford residents will lose political power and millions of dollars if we don’t fill out the census. It is quick and safe and really important.”

In Spanish, it will read: “Los residentes de Hartford perderán poder político y millones de dólares si no completamos el censo. Es rápido, seguro y realmente importante.”

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