Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations Held at New Britain Puerto Rican Restaurant

State officials gathered at Criollisimo Restaurant in New Britain to commemorate the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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People were lined up inside of Criollisimo Restaurant in New Britain on Thursday. 

“This is the best food in town, the best Spanish food in town,” Ramon Clark said. 

State officials, including Gov. Ned Lamont sat down to enjoy some of the popular island dishes and commemorate the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

“Brenda has really built an incredible business here, and people know her, not just here in New Britain but statewide, she is an example of a successful businesswoman who has really built from the ground up at this location,” New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart said.  

Owner Brenda Torres said she was born on the island and when she arrived in Connecticut, she saw a need for a Puerto Rican cuisine restaurant. Torres has been in business for 35 years. 

“We create a family, restaurant people are part of my family, and this is their life to come here because the food is excellent, it is cooked fresh every day. It’s my mother’s recipe,” Torres said. 

Torres says being Latina to her means being hardworking. 

“Very intelligent woman, and we deserve what we have,” Torres said.  

The Hispanic population continues to grow in New Britain. Mayor Erin Stewart says more than 40% of the city’s population has a Hispanic background. 

” I think it's great thing the community is growing, and even in all the businesses and things like that people of color are coming in. I think it's great, we need this,” Ramon Clark said. 

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