Hospital Oversight Board Chair Learned of Patient Abuse Via News Report, Not Administrators

NBC Connecticut Investigates broke the story about the abuse of patient Bill Shehadi at Whiting Forensic Hospital.

A board set up decades ago to advise management at our state’s maximum security psychiatric facility said it was kept in the dark about a high profile abuse case.

The chairman of the Whiting Forensic Hospital Advisory Board told a task force Wednesday that administration at Whiting did not tell him about the abuse of patient Bill Shehadi in 2017.

William Wynne said he learned about it when NBC Connecticut Investigates broke the story.

The task force said it will recommend the advisory board gets more authority over Whiting in the future, in part, to make sure advisory board members are apprised of situations like this.

The advisory board did say however, that its relationship with Whiting has improved somewhat since it got a new director.

The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, which oversees Whiting Forensic Hospital, declined to comment, citing pending legal matters.

So far there has been no response.

Read Wynne's full statement below.

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