Hot Air Balloon Lands in Backyard in Newington

A hot air balloon landed in the backyard of a home in Newington Saturday morning.

The incident occurred around 9 a.m. on Field Street, according to police.

Jim Regan, the owner of CT Ballooning LLC, confirmed that he was piloting the balloon and that it was a routine landing.

Regan said the balloon did not land in its original planned location but the backyard they chose was the best clearing in that area.

The balloon took off from Southington at 5:30 a.m.

Regan said the intented landing site was supposed to be somewhere in Berlin or south part of New Britain but the winds took them to Newington.

The balloon landed in a small Newington backyard because Regan said it was the best place to touchdown.

The owner of the home came outside and shook Regan's hand and was happy to have the early morning surprise of a balloon landing in his backyard.

"I heard a loud noise like an engine and when I looked out the window I saw Jim and his passengers landing in my backyard," homeowner Aaron Thompson said.

"The pilot of the balloon said he’s never had an incident like this but I’m glad they had someone like him that was able to handle such a landing," Thompson said.

No injuries or property damage has been reported.

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