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Hot Weather Affecting Some Restaurant, Food Truck Schedules

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Some restaurants are changing their schedules or closing today and tomorrow because of hot and oppressive weather.

J. Timothy's Taverne in Plainville will have limited takeout and is closed for inside dining today and tomorrow.

“We’ve had an unprecedented summer with the heat and we’ve seen what it does to the staff back there,” Greg Gardner, the general manager of J. Timothy’s said.

The restaurant reduced the menu and will have limited takeout.

“If we’re here and we’re open, we have to do the wings,” he said.

This allows them to rotate a smaller staff in and out of the kitchen.

“We want to stay open, we want to provide income for them, but we also want to keep them safe,” Gardner said.

The snack bar at East Windsor Park will be closed today. Camp lunch will be served.

TA-Que in Simsbury will be closed today and tomorrow because of the heat.

CurbSide Grills food truck in Terryville is closed today because of the hot weather.

Cinnamon Churros food truck in Danbury is closed today and tomorrow because of heat.

The “feels-like temperatures” will be as high as 100 to 110 this afternoon, according to the NBC Connecticut meteorologists.

Old Sawmill Grill & Miniature Golf in Oxford is closed because of hot weather.

Other restaurants remained open.

“People have to eat and someone has to do the job,” Ernesto Garcia, of Rubamba, said.

But, when the grill feels like 100 degrees, they do what the can to stay safe.

“We come outside and then we drink a lot of water,” Garcia said.

“We are here no matter what. If it’s raining, shining, snowing, we are here,” he added.

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