‘Ice Missiles' Fly Off Vehicles, Cause Damage

At Victor Auto Body Works in Middletown, they’ve mostly been seeing cars with damage from trees, but they say ice missiles cause similar damage to windshields.

They expect to see at least a dozen cars here by the end of the week with ice missile damage.

“Probably through nine to noon time, right through the rest of the day,” Tyler Rook said.

No more than hour after opening up shop Monday morning, Tyler Rook, who is no rookie to post winter storm car repairs, says the calls came quickly.

“It was one phone call after the other,” Rook said.

“They’re out there and it’s happening,” Rook said.

State police say they’re seeing even more “ice missile” calls than usual. Since Friday, they’ve issued 57 tickets for people not clearing their cars of snow and ice.

The fine is $120 dollars but the cost to victims, Rook says, is even greater.

“It could go from a repair about a small couple thousand dollars, $1500 repair, to a complete and total vehicle loss,” Rook said.

Troopers say some accidents have even been caused by drivers swerving to miss ice missiles.

The flying icicles could also put your car in the shop for anywhere from two to three weeks. A five to 10 minute chore some drivers are skipping and causing a long lasting and potentially costly ripple effect.

“It does put a little extra burden on the shop, but then we just step up our game and start processing cars faster,” Rook said.

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