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In North Haven, Amazon Leads Town Businesses in Record Growth

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North Haven residents may soon see a tax break.

First Selectman Michael Freda said he will propose a lower mill rate thanks to tax revenue from businesses in town, like Amazon. The new facility is adding to the town’s grand list, causing a significant jump.

“A 9.8 percent growth is one of the largest we’ve seen here in North Haven,” Freda said. “Last year was 2.8 percent which was a very significant growth.”

Freda said the combination of business growth plus new valuations on homes will lead to enough tax income for a mill rate reduction. The current rate is 31.1.

“For the most part, the majority of people, residents, will see a tax decrease with the mill rate decrease,” said Freda.

He said he’ll propose the cut in May. It’s a credit to Freda’s plan for economic growth in North Haven. He said shopping centers are almost at full occupancy, private business are moving in, and next week he’ll announce a new retailer that will fill the 80,000-square foot space once home to Toys R Us.  

All the taxes are going back to North Haven.

“We’re paving roads, we’ve renovated a new police department, we’ve renovated fire departments, we have built a new middle school,” he said.

Because of the business boom, he told NBC Connecticut, he expects to see a stable mill rate for years to come. Business owners and homeowners both said they support Freda’s vision.

“I can’t say enough about having this opportunity,” said Sue Quinn. “If Freda does that, it would be a wonderful thing.”

Ray de Francesco works with two businesses in town.

“It’s been great. You get the most bang for your buck with the house, the property taxes are the most reasonably priced out of any of the local towns, and the school systems are great all that with taxes being kept down,” said de Francesco.

Dee Prior Nesti is the executive director of the Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce. She said the business climate in North Haven is already attracting people and she said the change in mill rate would only grow the town even more.

“I think it has nowhere to go but up,” she said. “It’s a fabulous town beautiful town center, great leaders, I think the future is bright.”

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