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Investigation Into “Irregularities' in Stamford Police Extra Duty Assignments Over: Mayor

The mayor’s office in Stamford says an internal investigation into extra duty “irregularities” in the Stamford police department is over, the chief of police has directed that arrest warrants be prepared, and the mayor has called upon the corporation counsel to initiate legal action to recover monies that were taken inappropriately.

Mayor David Martin said the Stamford Police Department in March discovered indications of possible irregularities within the department’s Auxiliary Services Division, or Central Hiring Office, which manages hiring off-duty police officers to work extra duty jobs, such as traffic control at construction sites and security at events.

The investigation showed that three officers and one sergeant who worked in that office violated numerous rules and regulations of the Stamford Police Department, according to the mayor’s office.

After an investigation, the police chief determined that the sergeant and three officers could not continue to serve as Stamford police officers and they would have been brought in front of the police commission for termination but retired before the meeting, according to the mayor’s office.

“The results of this investigation demand we act justly in response to these officers’ abuse of the public’s confidence,” Martin said in a statement. “I applaud Police Chief Fontneau for directing a detailed Internal Affairs investigation into this matter and I strongly support his intention to recommend the termination of these individuals had they not retired. I condemn any inappropriate behavior by City employees. As the chief elected official for our City, such behavior will not be tolerated.”

The city is also conducting an audit of extra duty in an effort to prevent what happened from happening again.

“The public puts its faith and trust in our officers and these individuals betrayed that trust.” Director of Public Safety Ted Jankowski said in a statement. “It is a shame that the inappropriate actions of a few could blemish the excellent work performed by the brave men and women of the Stamford Police Department.”

“I am disappointed in these officers, and I hope their deeds will not tarnish the department in the eyes of the community we serve. The men and women of Stamford’s Police Department work very hard every day in a demanding and dangerous job to keep the people of Stamford safe. I am confident our Police Department will continue to provide the outstanding public service that our community expects, while maintaining the public’s confidence,” Fontneau said in a statement.

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