Ledyard High School Chamber Choir Shares Virtual Rendition of ‘And So It Goes'

All 20 students in the choir recorded themselves from home.

Ledyard Chamber Choir

The halls at Ledyard High School are quiet and they probably will be for quite some time, but a group of students is showing that distance will not keep them from coming together.

All 20 of the students in Ledyard High's Chamber Choir recorded an arrangement of Billy Joel's 'And So It Goes' virtually.

Director of choral activities at the high school, Melanie Cometa, had the idea after in-person learning was suspended in the State of Connecticut. She said that the choir is very close and being away has been challenging for both her and the students.

"It is really difficult for a lot of us not being able to sing together," said Lily Cayangyang, an 11th-grade choir member. "We are so used to seeing each other."

Cometa saw other choir groups across the country singing their arrangements virtually and ran the idea by the students. They were eager to take part and even picked a song that they were not planning on singing at an upcoming performance. The students had to teach themselves the arrangement at home, record it and send it in to Cometa.

"It sounds so beautiful and to be able to create something so beautiful together was really special," said Cayangyang.

You can listen to the choir's rendition here. Cometa said they have more songs planned.

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