That Roaring Sound is Not Your Flight

The lion is roaring.  This massive March snow storm is impacting flights at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks. Airport officials report only 25% of the planes that are supposed to be in Connecticut actually are.

Many flights have been delayed or canceled. Best advice is to call ahead before heading to the airport.  As of 8 Monday morning, there are no plans to close the airport. This late winter snow storm moved into our area overnight out of the southeast. Hundreds of flights along the way have been cancelled or delayed creating a trickle down affect here in Connecticut.

More than 100 flights were scrubbed Sunday at Boston's Logan International Airport. Hundreds more flights were canceled at the New York region's three major airports. About 300 flights scheduled to fly in or out of Newark Liberty International Airport had already been canceled by late Sunday night.

In New Hampshire, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport listed about a dozen canceled arrivals Monday morning and close to 20 canceled departures.

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