Puerto Rico

Local, State Leaders Call for Release of Disaster Relief Funding

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U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and Puerto Rican leaders joined forces Monday to demand the immediate release of disaster relief funding for families still suffering in Puerto Rico.

Thousands of Puerto Rican residents are without daily essentials like water, power, and shelter.

Earthquakes rattled the Southern portion of Puerto Rico in January. The natural disasters left behind shattered buildings, cracked roads and the destruction of many homes.

The team is putting the pressure on the Department of Housing and Urban Development to eliminate unnecessary preconditions.

"Fellow Americans have been denied reliever and recovery aid that they desperately need," said Blumenthal. "The needs of Puerto Ricans are so grave."

The leaders said the island has yet to receive sufficient funds for daily essentials. Many families are working to repair leftover damages from a series of earthquakes and aftershocks.

Across Connecticut, towns are stepping up to provide education, clothes and even sheltering.

Many community leaders said the work is just the beginning, but they are dedicated to helping families inside the state and back on the island.

Dr. Miguel A. Cardona is Connecticut Commissioner of Education.

"A lot of the families who are here need our help," said Dr. Miguel A. Cardona, Connecticut's commissioner of education. "They are coming to our location to hear what is being done to help the families.

The Hartford Parade Organization will send their first group to help families on the island, next Wednesday.

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